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  • P27
  • K11
  • M1
  • K15
  • N1
  • N2
  • M13
  • K2
  • K23
  • K20

Choose The Cake Base:

  • Chocolate (黑森林)
  • Mix Fruits (杂果)
  • Tiramisu(提拉米苏)
  • Chestnut (栗子)
  • Mousse (莫思)
  • Mango(芒果忌廉)
  • Mille-feuille (拿破仑)

*Cake needs to be ordered two days in advance.


Choose the Cake Patterns:

Prices are depend on the weight of the cake (minimum 2lbs). Please note some of the patterns may not be made on the minimum weight.